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Superstar artist Damien Hirst to sell 10,000 NFTs using a new Ethereum technology called Palm

  Damien Hirst is famous for pickling sharks and encrusting skulls with diamonds Chris Young/Getty Images Damien Hirst is launching an art project that will put 10,000 pieces on separate NFTs. It is the latest sign of the craze for non-fungible tokens , the hottest new thing in the crypto world. Hirst will release the artworks using Palm, a technology connected to the Ethereum network. Superstar artist Damien Hirst is set to become the biggest player yet to enter the world of non-fungible tokens, with plans to sell 10,000 artworks tied to corresponding NFTs in a series called "The Currency Project." The artist, famous for putting a shark in formaldehyde and encrusting a skull with diamonds, will release his latest works on a new technology called Palm, which will be connected to the Ethereum network that supports the world's second-biggest cryptocurrency, ether. It is the latest sign of the craze for NFTs following the sale of a $69 million artwork using the technology

airBaltic Expands Its List Of Accepted Cryptocurrencies

European airline airBaltic has expanded its list of accepted cryptocurrencies to include many more types. Now included are popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Binance USD, as well as the more unusual such as Dogecoin.  airBaltic was the first airline in the world to accept payments in Bitcoin and continues to lead the revolution in the travel industry. airBaltic leads the cryptocurrency revolution Back in 2014, airBaltic became the first airline in the world to accept payments made in Bitcoin. A handful of other airlines and travel providers have followed suit, but cryptocurrency remains a rarity for most passengers’ payment options. Those that do accept it tend to focus solely on Bitcoin, but of course, there are many other cryptocurrencies out there. Thanks to its partnership with BitPay, airBaltic is now extending the range of cryptocurrencies it is able to accept. The company already accepted Bitcoin as a payment method, but now that has been expanded to include Ethereum,

Coinbase user scared to not lose his digital coins

Michael Pierre was sitting in his Brooklyn, New York, apartment last summer when he received a text on his iPhone from an unknown number, then immediately lost service. Worried his phone was being hacked, he quickly checked his most valued app: Coinbase , a cryptocurrency company where he had stored digital coins worth $100,000. Pierre could not log in. Panicked, he emailed Coinbase for help. The company later told him that an “attacker” had reset his password and drained his account. Pierre said he was shocked because he had expected Coinbase’s security to detect suspicious activity and stop the theft. “I was thinking about retirement, family, having money for those rainy days,” he said. “And within a couple of minutes, it was all taken away from me.” Pierre, 47, a lawyer and onetime Coinbase employee, began urging his former colleagues to investigate the episode and to compensate him for the missing cryptocurrencies, which would be worth more than $400,000 today. He received little

Crypto scam hits Okanagan

  Kelowna man loses $10,000 in cryptocurrency ponzi scheme Doug Crawford says he lost $10,000 in a cryptocurrency ponzi investment scheme, allegedly brought to him by a Kelowna man who he has known for 20 years. The RCMP is warning to the public about cryptocurrency fraud, which is dramatically on the rise in Canada. According to police, in the first eight months of 2020, Canadians lost nearly $11 million through digital currency scams alone. A few short years ago, reports of frauds involving cryptocurrencies numbered in the mere hundreds and now they are over ten times that amount. Cryptocurrency’s biggest selling point – its ability to move large sums of money without banks or financial institutions – also makes it a prime tool for scammers. The transfer of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are nearly impossible to trace and can be cashed out nearly anywhere in the world, making prosecutions difficult. The Okanagan is no exception. Crawford says he was the victim of a local cryptocurre

Frenchman takes on Gold Coast cryptocurrency firm after allegedly losing $800k in failed deal

  Alexandre Raffin runs a brokerage firm in Paris that pools the funds of investors to purchase cryptocurrency . A French national is suing an Australian cryptocurrency company over an alleged scam that he claims left him close to $800,000 out of pocket after the market soared. Alexandre Raffin, 28, has filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court of Australia against Modern Assets Australia, a cryptocurrency advisory and research firm based on the Gold Coast. Mr Raffin is accusing the company and its directors, Jonathan Allison and Carlo Sciubba, of breaching their duty of care to him over a lucrative deal to buy a South Korean cryptocurrency called Klaytn. It is believed to be the first cryptocurrency fraud case of its kind in Australia. The Gold Coast company was allegedly meant to provide the cryptocurrency to Mr Raffin in exchange for cash, but when the deal fell through, they put him in touch with the person who was supplying them. About a month later, that same supplier allegedly made

Paysafe’s Skrill Expands Crypto Offering to US With Coinbase

American expansion allows digital wallet customers in majority of states to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through Coinbase-powered solution MIAMI--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Paysafe, a leading specialized payments platform, today announced that its Skrill digital wallet has expanded its cryptocurrency offering to the U.S. in partnership with Coinbase, the digital currency platform provider.  The deal sees Coinbase provide a new cryptocurrency white label solution to Skrill, continuing the digital wallet’s U.S. expansion by enabling customers across 37 states and territories to easily buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies. “As we focus on building the crypto-economy, we look to partner with leaders like Skrill who can white-label our turnkey solution to provide and support digital assets to their clients without having to learn the nuances of building a crypto exchange.” Tweet this Skrill’s crypto offering, which was first launched in 2018 and is already available in over 30 countries, can now

Developer launches cryptocurrency-friendly bond to build self-powered Arctic hotel

  Miris, a Norwegian technology and property investor, has launched a blockchain-based green finance framework with a €100m bond to fund the first “energy positive” hotel in the Arctic Circle powered entirely by renewables. Scheduled to open in 2023, the off-grid Svart Hotel will save 85% of its annual energy consumption and harvest enough solar energy to cover the hotel operations, its boat shuttle operation, its greenhouse farm and the energy needed to construct the building. Norwegian architect Snøhetta  revealed its design  for the hotel in 2018.  Miris said the use of blockchain technology to issue bonds gives full traceability of the performance of the green assets. See Miris’ promotional video for the Svart hotel here:   It launched the €100m green bond in February 2021 and will give access to it through the euro-based EURxb cryptocurrency . Contractors will use ‘smart contracts’ via the crypto platform. Bond-holders can exchange their holdings to EURxb while crypto holders ca

Cryptocurrency to become mainstream in the Philippines

The Philippines has embraced cryptocurrency as data shows the country has the third-highest uptake of crypto globally The Philippines is one of the world’s fastest adopters of cryptocurrency, new reports show. According to data, the pandemic has fuelled the trend, with Filipinos releasing the value of crypto as an investment and income generating currency. A rise in crypto-friendly technology in the country has also facilitated it’s uptake, which means the Philippines is now on a par with Vietnam and Nigeria.  Reports by consensus experts from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) earlier this month show that gaming rewards, BTC, ATM networks and rural banking integration are ‘reliable early indicators’ for the upsurge that makes crypto growth in the Philippines the world’s third-fastest growing sector.  The The Fintech Philippines Association and European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines have reported similar findings.  Bitcoin first became popular in the Philippines 2017, when

Theta riches: Young Aussie dad turns $17k crypto investment into $1.4m

A 23-year-old Aussie gamer dumped by his girlfriend because of his “addiction” to a cryptocurrency has had the last laugh now that his $17,000 investment has made him a millionaire. Twitter and Reddit user “Grave” says he bought 100,000  Theta  tokens in April 2020, paying 17c apiece. But six or seven weeks later, his girlfriend found out and dumped him for “wasting my money on stupid fake internet currencies,”  he recounted over the weekend . “Almost a year later, today we peaked at $11.80 AUD im sitting on $1.180 mill and I wish I bought MORE!” he  wrote on Saturday . Grave is doing even better today, with the livestreaming token hitting a fresh all-time high of $US10.99 ($14.25) at 1.30pm AEDT. At 2.09pm, Theta tokens were trading for $US10.76 ($13.95), up 11.5 per cent in 24 hours, giving the young father a nominal net worth of $1.4 million. From their launch in February 2018 through last July, Theta tokens changed hands at less than US30c, and were available for US6.8c a year ago

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