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Putin Signs Russian Crypto Bill Into Law

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the first of two bills on digital assets into law on Friday. The bill, approved by the country's parliament last week, says companies can issue digital securities on a blockchain if they are properly registered with the Bank of Russia as issuers and satisfy certain criteria. Decentralized cryptocurrencies are considered a type of property, which should be reported for tax purposes and cannot be used to pay for good and services. A more detailed law regulating crypto-related businesses is expected to be passed later this year, although no timeline has been disclosed. The previous version of that bill, which has been introduced to the Russian parliament, would make it illegal to issue and trade crypto on Russia-based infrastructure. The draft generally reflected the skeptical stance of the country's central bank. It provoked an outcry from the crypto community and criticism from both Russia's Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Econom

China and EU Trade Talks Included the Potential Cooperation of Central Bank Digital Currencies

The European Union and China recently had trade and economic discussions regarding topics including central bank digital currencies ( CBDC ) and supply chain.  During the video conference, according to the Ministry of Commerce of China, the two parties discussed the strategic cooperation of the steady recovery and growth of the global economy post-pandemic.  According to the official report , “a series of fruitful results and consensus have been reached in the negotiation of China-EU investment agreement,” including the expansion of the digital economy, and other financial cooperations. The official report said: “The two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in green finance and promote the convergence of standards. Agreed to strengthen information sharing and exchanges and cooperation in the fields of digital currency and financial technology.” The Chinese officials stated that the country is looking forward to singing a memorandum of understanding on bilateral supervision cooperatio


Incent was established in 2017 after a successful ICO of the INCNT reward token .  Incent harness Waves blockchain technology to provide scalable and cost-effective end to end incentivisation and loyalty solutions to their partners.  Incent are headquartered in Sydney, with remote staff based in Vancouver, London and Zurich. Loyalty & Reward Co have been observing Incent for some time as they were one of the first start-ups to embrace cryptocurrencies as a new type of loyalty currency. Headed up by Rob Wilson, CEO + Co-founder, the Incent team of around twenty staff are firmly dedicated to pushing innovation in the customer incentives space with everything blockchain can offer. Their latest venture was a well-publicised partnership with Gfinity, the lead eSports provider in Australia. Gfinity was attempting to solve a very real problem; as a digital live broadcaster, they wanted to increase their average viewer watch time to greater than 5 minutes. Incent provided their Engage plat

Crypto Traders Discuss Bitcoin Price Direction After $11.4K BTC Rally

The price of Bitcoin surpassed $11,400 in an overnight rally as traders are unsure of where BTC will go next. The price of Bitcoin officially surpassed $10,400 on July 27, breaking out of a multiyear range as a result. Traders are now mixed on where Bitcoin’s ( BTC ) price will go next, as many indicators and data points show conflicting trends. The general sentiment around Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry has been positive since April. The United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency granted banks permission to operate crypto custody services, institutional investors have continuously invested in Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies through Grayscale, and most recently, the Tether (USDT) stablecoin saw its largest inflow in eight months. A confluence of strong fundamental factors related to regulation and infrastructure has seemingly improved the perception of Bitcoin by the mainstream. That has coincided with an increase in liquidity triggered by high Tether infl

Brave partners with Guardian to integrate firewall and VPN on iOS

Brave launches Brave Firewall + VPN, a security utility for iPhones and iPads powered by Guardian. This tool has the ability to preserve the data of all applications running on iOS, and not just those contained in Brave. Brave Software ’s collaboration with Guardian Brave Software, the publisher of the Brave crypto-browser is working with Guardian, a company specializing in computer security, to create a  Brave Firewall + VPN, powered by Guardian . Thanks to this partnership, these two pioneers in the field of personal data protection hope to offer the safest web browsing experience possible. Brave Firewall + VPN, powered by Guardian, is a big part of our mission to improve web browsing and empower users over the use of their own data. Aaid Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder by Brave Software. Brave and Guardian share the same ideals when it comes to protecting privacy on the internet, where surveillance is ubiquitous. By integrating Guardian’s technology into Brave’s browser, we provid

Ethereum Miners’ Income Soars by 60% in a Month – Outruns Ether’s Price Jump

The daily income earned by Ethereum miners has soared by over 60% in a month, shows data tracked by Ethereum mining pool Sparkpool. The surge in daily profit from Ethereum mining surge has also outpaced ether’s (ETH) price jump of 40% over the same period. The profitability rise comes thanks to soaring transaction fees on the network, as well as relatively slow growth in competition from other miners. Sparkpool’s data shows that Ethereum miners’ daily income was around $1.85 per 100 megahashes second (MH/s) on the network on June 27. Over the past month, and the last two weeks in particular, this has jumped by 60% and reached as high as $3.27 on July 25. The metric has since dropped back to around $3. During the same period, ether’s price has gone up by nearly 40%, from $229 on June 27 to $327 at time of writing – the highest price point for over a year. Transaction fees on the network, which form part of a miner’s daily revenue, have reached a two-year high as the hype around decentr

Binance Debit Cards are Now Out for Delivery

Binance has recently pushed for larger adoption in cryptocurrencies as the world’s largest exchange unveiled a plan for the crypto debit card back in April 2020, the cards are now ready and the delivery to customers has begun. Earlier this month, Binance CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhou or “CZ”, revealed a test he was doing on the Binance cards’ application. Yesterday, he came out and announced the process of the delivery of the cards on twitter. The crypto debit card is now available for users in European regions, Malaysia, and Vietnam.  The acquisition of Swipe, crypto debit card company, earlier this month might be the accelerator in the issuance process thus sending out the cards can be done earlier than many expected. Reportedly, the card will support four cryptocurrencies at its early stage, including Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD), and Swipe Token (SXP) .  Card owners can pay with these compatible cryptos to any merchants that accept VISA. Source: supercry

Streams of Excitement: Twitch Levels-Up to Unlock Bitcoin Discount

Twitch ramps up its crypto strategy with a digital currency promotion. Will more merchants follow suit? Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch appears to be ramping up its crypto strategy. The site, which focuses primarily on video game livestreaming, is now offering users a 10% subscription discount when paying with cryptocurrency through the platform’s payment processor, BitPay. BitPay’s chief marketing officer, Bill Zielke, told Cointelegraph that out of the thousands of merchants the company works with, Twitch is the first major global brand to offer a crypto-based promotion. Zielke added: “We are seeing more online merchants interested in using crypto as a promotional payment form, which is exciting since most marketing payment options are mainly reserved for alternative payments through PayPal. [...] Twitch is the first major merchant to jump on this trend.” Is Twitch’s interest in crypto tied to gaming? According to Zielke, it is Twitch that’s offering the 10% subscription disco

Coinbase Processed $500,000 in Bitcoin Payments That Helped Ex-Nissan Chairman Flee Japan

Coinbase processed $500,000 in bitcoin payments that aided the dramatic escape of former Nissan Motor Co. chairman Carlos Ghosn from Japan, according to Bloomberg. In December, two Americans used a box to smuggle Ghosn out of the Asian country, where he was facing criminal charges for embezzlement and financial manipulation. The former executive, who denies any wrongdoing, now lives in Lebanon, which does not have extradition relations with Japan. According to a court filing, the money was allegedly sent via the U.S. crypto exchange over a four-month period by Ghosn’s son, Anthony, to an accomplice named Peter Taylor. In total, Taylor pocketed $1.36 million. He had earlier received $862,500 in a separate transfer, wired by Carlos himself, the July 22 filing states. Taylor worked with his father, Michael, a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, to help Ghosn escape in what is thought to be a musical instrument box, and into private jet, to avoid facing financial charges. The Taylors’ are n

Ethereum Launches Final Testnet Before Officially Releasing ETH 2.0 Mainnet

The software developing  team  for Ethereum 2.0 has finally announced that  they will be launching  ETH 2.0’s  testnet  on  A ugust 4.  Final  Testnet  Before Official  Mainnet  Launch     The  multi-client   testnet  is an alternative blockchain designated for the purposes of testing out the validity of the network.  Ethereum  (ETH)  has dubbed it “Medalla,” which is Spanish for “medal.” This is named in honor and reverence to Ethereum 1.0  testnet , which was considered an “Olympic go ld medal” for its success  in the ETH community.  The Ethereum 2.0  testnet  is  reported  to be the  final  one  of its kind tha t will launch before  mainnet  officially  comes into play.     The launch of the Ethereum   testnet  date, though confirmed to be August 4 at 1 pm UTC by Ethereum Foundation’s ETH 2.0 coordinator – Danny Ryan,  is nevertheless not set in stone. In fact, there are two necessary criteria  that need to be  fulfilled   in order for  the new  testnet  to launch.     Criteria  to

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