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Reef Finance is integrating with the Avalanche blockchain AVAX

Reef Finance is integrating with the Avalanche blockchain (AVAX), enabling users to access decentralized finance (DeFi) applications in the Avalanche ecosystem directly through Reef's platform.  The project is planning to roll out initial features on Avalanche in early Q1 2021. Reef will support AVAX-affiliated tokens and financial primitives through the basket engine, providing users with more investment opportunities .  Reef users will also be able to channel capital into Avalanche to maximize savings and earn higher interest in stablecoins launched natively on AVAX through yield farming baskets. Reef is the first cross-chain DeFi operating system, with a smart liquidity aggregator enabling traders to access liquidity from both centralized and decentralized exchanges.  Reef also provides a range of portfolio baskets containing different DeFi products, while the AI-driven Reef yield engine curates personalized investment recommendations to users. Avalanche, the highly scalable,

If you haven’t followed NFTs, here’s why you should start

  NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — or scarce digital content represented as tokens — are driving a new wave of crypto adoption. Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, artists, gaming companies and content creators alike are utilizing token standards, which ascribe provenance to uniquely distinguishable assets.  NFTs first made headlines in 2017 when Dapper Labs’ game  CryptoKitties  accounted for 95% of Ethereum network usage at its peak.  While someone paying $170,000 for a digital cat seemed like an anomaly, what’s happening today blows that headline out of the water. Platforms like Rarible , Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation and Zora are quickly emerging as the leading players for creatives to monetize work in a digital world. The estimated total value of crypto art has now passed $100 million according to — just one vertical of a growing ecosystem of NFTs. Image Credits: Collectible mania Just as we’ve seen an alternative asset class form ar

Argo Blockchain Installs 4,500 Crypto Mining Machines From Celsius Network

  Argo Blockchain PLC   ('Argo' or 'the Company' )     Installation of 4,500 new mining machines   Argo Blockchain, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining  (LSE: ARB), is pleased to announce that 4,500 Bitmain Antminer S19 and S19 pro miners Argo agreed to lease from Celsius Network in November 2020 have been installed on time and are now fully operational. This installation represents the final delivery of Antminers under Argo's lease with Celsius Network .   The new mining hardware has added approximately 430 petahash to the Company's installed computing power and consumes approximately 15 megawatts ("MW") of electricity. This latest installation highlights the continued focus on efficiency when expanding Argo's mining operations.   Peter Wall, Chief Executive  of Argo, said: "We are delighted with the addition of these machines and believe that this installation will help Argo maintain its position at the forefront of mining efficiency.&


  West Mitsubishi in Orland is one of the first auto dealerships in Northern California to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for cars. One local auto dealership is taking a look into the future by accepting cryptocurrency payments. You can now use Bitcoin and Dogecoin to purchase a car at West Mitsubishi Motors in Orland. “Cryptocurrency is just another way to buy goods ,” Sonny Baird, General Manager at West Mitsubishi, said. “We wanted to be the first and add that to our customer’s options to buy cars.” It is a completely paperless process. West Mitsubishi Motors in Orland “There’s an exchange service that transfers the money into our account and then we transfer that into US dollars,” Baird said. Longtime and new cryptocurrency investors are excited to see this day, including Orland-native, Quinn Hall. “I have had some cryptocurrency for a while, back in 2017 when Bitcoin was really starting to take off,” Hall said.  “I think now that we have some establishments finally

xSigma Launch of its Crypto Trading Platform

  ZK International's Subsidiary, xSigma Corporation, Announces a Software Acquisition Deal and the Launch of its Crypto Trading Platform WENZHOU,  China , Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq:  ZKIN ) ("ZKIN", "ZK International" or the "Company"), is pleased to announce that xSigma Corporation, a subsidiary of the Company and a blockchain R&D lab, is pleased to announce that it has purchased its own proprietary crypto and Online Contract for Difference ("CFD") trading platform, which will be branded as "xSigma Trading".  The platform's website is now open to the community at: The xSigma Trading platform will be an Online Crypto-CFD trading platform that will provide multiple trading products, such as crypto trading, crypto lending, crypto options and derivatives, and US Equity CFDs, which will conveniently be available on one trading platform.  xSigma is going to

$170 million investment by Square

  Square goes even bigger on bitcoin with a new $170 million investment 3,319 coins at an average price of $51,236 per coin Square has just made another colossal investment in bitcoin, more than tripling its last investment in the cryptocurrency with a $170 million purchase of tokens.  The digital payments company, which is run by vocal bitcoin advocate and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, disclosed the investment in its quarterly earnings report on Tuesday. The company purchased about 3,318 bitcoins at an average price of $51,236, which signals remarkable confidence in bitcoin as it reaches record heights and invites renewed skepticism about its stability. “Aligned with the company’s purpose, Square believes that cryptocurrency is an instrument of economic empowerment, providing a way for individuals to participate in a global monetary system and secure their own financial future ,” reads the company’s press release announcing the purchase.  “The investment is part of Square’s ongoing comm

OKEx lists FLOW, the crypto behind NBA Top Shot NFTs

  VICTORIA ,  Seychelles ,  Feb. 23, 2021  /PRNewswire/ --  OKEx  ( ), a world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, is thrilled to announce the listing of FLOW, the native asset of the Flow blockchain.  Flow is a decentralized blockchain platform created for gaming and non-fungible token use cases.  It's already home to an NFT making mainstream headlines — NBA Top Shot.  OKEx is one of the first exchanges in the world to offer FLOW trading, which launches today with three trading pairs. Developed by Dapper Labs — the team behind another wildly successful digital collectibles DApp, CryptoKitties — the Flow blockchain provides the foundation for a new generation of digital assets, games, and dApps, including NBA Top Shot. Officially licensed by the National Basketball Association,  NBA Top shot  is currently pushing NFTs to mainstream adoption, already reaching more than  $45 million  in sales over the past 24 hours alone.  Just last week, one blockcha

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